Student Bias Against Chick-fil-A Focuses on ‘Equality’ Agenda

//Student Bias Against Chick-fil-A Focuses on ‘Equality’ Agenda

Student Bias Against Chick-fil-A Focuses on ‘Equality’ Agenda

When Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy unveiled his fried, boneless breast of chicken sandwich in 1946, he had no idea that 66 years later college students like Taylor Cotter would protest his restaurants inclusion on their campuses.

Last week the Student Senate at Northeastern University in Boston voted to halt discussions with the privately held Atlanta, Ga. based restaurant chain, citing the company’s affiliation with Christian organizations they say have an “anti-gay” agenda.

Taylor Cotter, a senior journalism major who has been a member of the school’s student senate for three years, led the protest to oust Chick-fil-A, but was “shocked” when the university gave in so quickly to the student’s demands.

“I first found out that the school was interested in Chick-fil-A in January of 2011,” Cotter told The Christian Post in a phone interview. “Only about 15 of us knew of the schools plan for several months and that’s when I grew concerned about a company who supports causes that I feet are divisive.”

Cotter stated there were two primary issues that led her to lead the protest.

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