Book: The Four Laws of Forgiveness

//Book: The Four Laws of Forgiveness

Book: The Four Laws of Forgiveness

I haven’t written much lately about my manuscript, but I am close to completing the final chapter on forgiveness.

Writing this chapter was more difficult than I imagined – not because I haven’t forgiven those I needed to – but I want to convey the process of forgiveness in the proper prospective. It’s been a challenge.

In the meantime, I’ve had some phenomenal conversations with people who have gone through similar experiences as mine, some of whose names you would recognize if I listed them here (but I never will).

Others are not famous or well-known, but had to deal with the same issues. There stories are no less important that someone who is well known.

Recently, one of my colleagues at The Christian Post, Alex Murashko, wrote a piece on Brad Johnson, a Southern California pastor whose affair was exposed how he had to learn forgiveness all over again. You can click here to read the story.

The book is titled, The Four Laws of Forgiveness: How to Forgive Yourself and Others, and is available on Amazon. You can find it here.

My experience in writing has taught me that it’s not the specifics of my story that is the most compelling, but the need to forgive others in order to receive God’s complete blessings for my life.

I would love to hear your stories of how forgiveness (or the lack thereof) has impacted your life.

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