What Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Changes Mean for Individuals and Businesses

Everyone who uses Facebook, whether for social or business purposes, has noticed changes to their news feed. Facebook junkies who scroll through their news feed in search of their best friends most recent trip to Starbucks are also seeing posts from the “friend” you met once 15 years ago. And businesses are finding it harder and more expensive to get their latest sales items in front of you. Here’s what Facebook’s recent algorithm changes mean for individuals and businesses. Individuals Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, believes people will spend less time on Facebook because of the rising popularity of other social media sites such as Instagram, which Facebook owns. Zuckerberg and his team want whatever time you spend on Facebook to be “quality” time. You’re going to see more content from “friends” Facebook believes you will find “engaging.” For most individuals, that’s a positive! You’ll see fewer ads from major brands and stores and more stuff about your college roommate’s third spouse. There’s a ton of misinformation going around about Facebook limiting the content you see to 25 or so friends. Is this true? No. The rumor began last year and was proven to be false but it gained stream after [...]

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Social Media Metrics: Why Impressions and Engagements Matter

There are a ton of buzzwords thrown around when you read and discuss social media strategies and metrics. So many that it’s easy to be intimidated by the jargon. Don't worry, let me help by discussing the difference in social media engagements and impressions. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter include settings in the menu that list “Insights” and “Analytics.” Click on them and you’ll see graphs and numbers that might not make much sense. Social media metrics are important tools that if understood and used, can help you formulate an effective social media strategy. Engagements and impressions are key components and it’s important you understand them. Be forewarned; social media platforms are constantly adjusting algorithms and that’s why continuously monitoring impressions and engagements is important. So, what do they mean and why do they matter? Engagements Let’s start with engagements first because it may make understanding impressions easier. When you post something on Facebook and people “Like” or “Comment” that means you have “engaged” them. Thumbs up signs, hearts, and others signs are also examples of engagements. While engagements make us feel warm and fuzzy inside when we see one or two, what you want is consistent [...]

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Loyalty Programs Should Make Sense for Customers and Cents for You

You’ve heard it a million times; keeping current customers is easier than acquiring new ones. That’s why crafting a well-designed loyalty program that makes sense for your customers should also add more “cents” to your bottom line. Loyalty programs are important for several reasons. Two of the most important are: It makes customers feel valued and important When that happens, customers are likely to visit and purchase more often and at a higher dollar level when compared to an occasional or new customer. They also become a bigger fan and cheerleader for your business and we all know, “word of mouth” or “organic” advertising is the most effective and least costly when compared to other methods. You acquire valuable demographic information Think about it. Most of us know our good friends first and last name, email address, phone number, and birth date. By building a loyalty program, you’re asking customers to be a good friend. They give you information and you reward them for their loyalty. As with any good friendship, protect and value the information they provide. If not, they won’t be a friend for long. Loyalty programs can be crafted for almost any business and we see them [...]

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Crisis Communications: Prepare Before, Not During a Crisis

Do you have a well thought out and written plan in place if a catastrophe or crisis impacts you or your organization in the next ten seconds? Chances are you don’t. Congratulations if you do. Let’s be honest; dealing with a major crisis is not something we care to think about. As I write this article, a number of high profile celebrities including actors, executives, athletes and political figures are making the news over sexual harassment allegations. Almost all of these alleged infractions occurred years earlier. Did any plan for the day their stories would hit the news? My guess is they didn’t but wish they had. ( Crisis Preparedness versus Crisis Response Think about it. Lifeguards at your local swimming pool or beach aren’t hired to sound an alarm if swimmers find themselves in trouble. Their job is to immediately respond and implement the hundreds or thousands of hours of training they’ve received to safely retrieve and if necessary, give basic to immediate medical attention to prevent further injury or death. The same is true for law enforcement officers. Hopefully, their expertise with a weapon is never needed. If so, we hope their training was thorough enough [...]

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Don’t Overlook These 7 Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing is an effective way to reach current and potential customers. You can introduce new products or services, showcase company and client achievements and inform your market on how you can help them achieve their goals. Whether you are a seasoned pro at digital marketing or just starting to implement your plan, below are seven digital marketing tactics you don't want to overlook.  Establish Clear Objectives and Target the Right Audience It may sound simple, but having clearly defined objectives before implementing a digital marketing strategy is critical. For example, who is your target audience? Often business owners will say “everyone” is a potential buyer. Don’t kid yourself; no they are not! Your target market may be large, but not everyone is interested in your product or service. The good news is there is an audience who is interested and uses your product. Hopefully, you already know who they are. If not, there are several tools you can utilize to define your market. Even if you produce excellent content, targeting the wrong audience or too large an audience will often prove ineffective. Digital marketing works, but all channels are getting noisier by the day and it’s important you invest [...]

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