Ann Romney Doesn’t Consider Herself ‘Wealthy;’ Cites Compassion From Her Disease

Ann Romney, the wife of GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, said Monday that she didn’t consider herself wealthy, and as someone suffering from multiple sclerosis, she now has more compassion for others who are suffering.

“[O]ne thing this disease has been for me has been a wonderful teacher,” Mrs. Romney said during an interview on Fox News. “And with that comes an ability for compassion for others that are suffering from M.S. or cancer or any disease I feel like I want to throw my arms open and say, welcome to my family and welcome to the place where I’ve been and, so you know, we can be poor in spirit and I don’t look – I don’t even consider myself wealthy which is an interesting thing. It can be here today and gone tomorrow…”

Moments after the candidate’s wife made the comments, media sites including Twitter and blog posts began circulating her comment about not being wealthy. Think Progress, an ultra-liberal website, first reported the story.

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