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Don’t Overlook These 7 Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing is an effective way to reach current and potential customers. You can introduce new products or services, showcase company and client achievements and inform your market on how you can help them achieve their goals. Whether you are a seasoned pro at digital marketing or just starting to implement your plan, below are seven digital marketing tactics you don't want to overlook.  Establish Clear Objectives and Target the Right Audience It may sound simple, but having clearly defined objectives before implementing a digital marketing strategy is critical. For example, who is your target audience? Often business owners will say “everyone” is a potential buyer. Don’t kid yourself; no they are not! Your target market may be large, but not everyone is interested in your product or service. The good news is there is an audience who is interested and uses your product. Hopefully, you already know who they are. If not, there are several tools you can utilize to define your market. Even if you produce excellent content, targeting the wrong audience or too large an audience will often prove ineffective. Digital marketing works, but all channels are getting noisier by the day and it’s important you invest [...]

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What to Expect During the Holly Bobo Murder Trial In Savannah, TN

The murder trial for Zachary Adams, accused of raping, kidnapping and murdering nursing student Holly Bobo, will get underway in Savannah, TN on Monday, September 11. In April of 2011, Bobo was reportedly taken from her home as she was leaving for an exam. Adams is the first defendant to be brought to trial and it is expected to last up to three weeks. Final jury selection will take place on Saturday. Here is a brief update on the case and what to expect during the trial. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began investigating the crime soon after Bobo was reported missing, implementing one of the most extensive and costliest missing person searches in the state’s history. RELATED: I'm From Savannah, Tennessee, Not Georgia Investigators finally ended the search without finding Bobo or her remains. However, in September of 2014, two men scouring the woods in Decatur County, TN, about 20 miles from the reported abduction, stumbled upon what turned out to be Bobo’s skull. No bones from the neck down have been found. Zachary Adams, accused of raping & murdering Holly Bobo (WREG) Adams, along with six others, was arrested by authorities after John Dylan Adams, gave a [...]

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Making Changes to USTA Adult Tennis Will Benefit Players

This article originally appeared on OneSouthernMan. Adult tennis programs like those organized by the United States Tennis Association provide a fun and competitive outlet for adults 18 and over to compete at local, state, sectional and national levels. Some play purely for fun and fitness while others desire a competitive outlet with a chance to win a national title. There’s room for both and now’s the time for the USTA to make major changes to adult league tennis. Joel Drucker has been writing professionally about tennis since the early 1980’s and penned two excellent pieces, The Poison Inside League Tennis and League Tennis – Possible Solutions, on earlier this week. Although I don’t agree with all of his suggestions, they were insightful and thought provoking. I caught up with Joel at his California home and drove further into this thoughts on how USTA could improve league play.  Recreational versus Competitive Teams Can USTA leagues be recreational and competitive at the same time? “Sure they can,” said Drucker. “I’m a 4.5 and I believe most amateur players want both.” It’s hard to disagree with his comment. After all, no one is getting paid to play in a USTA league and it’s [...]

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Scottie Nell Hughes: Her ‘15 Minutes of Fame’ Has Arrived

Scottie Nell Hughes, an aspiring conservative political commentator, has received her “15-minutes of fame.” News reports surfaced earlier this week stating she accused Fox News Business host Charles Payne of sexual harassment before and during a three-year affair. Payne admitted to a “romantic relationship” with an unnamed political analyst on Wednesday and issued a public apology to his family and friends. Having endured the news spotlight when my affair with a legislative staffer came to light in 2009 while I was serving in the Tennessee State Senate, I understand what both Hughes and Payne are facing. What I find intriguing is why Hughes reported the allegations and admitted to the affair as media reports suggested she was interested in seeking elected office in Tennessee in 2018. I first met Scottie Nell Hughes around 2013 when I worked as a journalist and editor for The Christian Post. Ms. Hughes contacted me about submitting an opinion column. During our phone conversation, I learned she too lived in Tennessee and we had many common connections. Although I considered her writing to be mediocre, I published several of her columns because I believed at the time more strong, female conservative voices were needed. Other [...]

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Birthday Advice to a Younger Me

June 1 is my birthday and by no means do I dread turning another year older. The fact is. I've come to embrace it. Plus, June is my favorite month and I can’t think of a better way to kick it off than ushering in the first month of summer with a celebration. As I reflected on the day and gaining the wisdom of another year, I asked myself what advice I would give to a younger me twenty or thirty years ago. In no particular order, here are some thoughts I would offer: Chill Out and Relax: This doesn’t mean you don’t take life, your job and relationships seriously, but assuming accident or disease doesn’t get in the way, you’ve got a long life ahead of you so relax and soak up each moment. There is no doubt I can get wired up at times, but as a younger me I would suggest not overreacting to most issues, especially volatile or emotional ones. Often times they work themselves out absent our involvement. Listen more than you talk. That’s a challenge for me, even as I’ve “matured” a bit. If you have been in sales you're constantly told the best strategy is for our customer to talk [...]

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