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Adult tennis programs like those organized by the United States Tennis Association provide a fun and competitive outlet for adults 18 and over to compete at local, state, sectional and national levels. Some play purely for fun and fitness while others desire a competitive outlet with a chance to win a national title. There’s room for both and now’s the time for the USTA to make major changes to adult league tennis.

Joel Drucker has been writing professionally about tennis since the early 1980’s and penned two excellent pieces, The Poison Inside League Tennis and League Tennis – Possible Solutions, on earlier this week. Although I don’t agree with all of his suggestions, they were insightful and thought provoking. I caught up with Joel at his California home and drove further into this thoughts on how USTA could improve league play. 

Recreational versus Competitive Teams
Can USTA leagues be recreational and competitive at the same time? “Sure they can,” said Drucker. “I’m a 4.5 and I believe most amateur players want both.”

It’s hard to disagree with his comment. After all, no one is getting paid to play in a USTA league and it’s a wonderful sport. When compared to others, tennis is relatively inexpensive and easy to access. Plus, the more people that play tennis the more the sport grows.

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