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NAACP Criticizes Franklin Graham Over Comments About Obama’s Faith; Graham Responds

[UPDATE] 2/28 4:17 p.m. Earlier to the NAACP sent an open letter to Rev. Franklin Graham regarding comments he made on MSNBC when questioned about President Obama's faith. Graham initially he said he would take Obama at his word if he said he was a Christian. The repeated questioning by the host of the program are a prime example of how liberal journalist try to start fights with conservatives. Franklin Graham responded on Tuesday to criticism from faith leaders in the NAACP who accused the evangelist of questioning President Obama's Christianity. "I regret any comments I have ever made which may have cast any doubt on the personal faith of our president, Mr. Obama," he stated. "The president has said he is a Christian and I accept that (and have said so publicly on many occasions). I apologize to him and to any I have offended for not better articulating my reason for not supporting him in this election – for his faith has nothing to do with my consideration of him as a candidate." Graham went further to say he cannot and will not vote for Obama because of his positions on abortion and traditional marriage, which he found to [...]

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Romney, Santorum Not Backing Down on Religious Freedom Debate

GOP frontrunners Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are continuing to pressure President Obama on issues of religious freedom, and they apparently have the support of conservative political pundits. Grove City College political science professor, Dr. Paul Kengor, in an email interview with The Christian Post said the reason Santorum and the other GOP leaders were standing firm in defending religious freedom, it was because Democrats were forcing the issue. “He's being led by President Obama into this issue,” wrote Kengor. “Rick Santorum, like tens of millions of committed Roman Catholics and evangelicals, has been pushed into this arena by President Obama, compliments of the HHS mandate.” “Like the Catholic Church generally, from the bishops to the laity, he didn't ask for this fight. The fight came to him. He and other Catholics simply want the freedom of conscience they've always had in this nation -- until President Obama assaulted them with this executive decree. Obama's fiat was handed down from the mountaintop in Washington, a commandment to Catholics with no room for compromise.” The religious freedom issue became front and center when President Obama announced a mandate by saying that employers were required to provide free birth control to all [...]

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‘Guardrails’ Needed to Maintain Proper Boundaries in Relationships

After giving some suggestions in an earlier post as to what those close to a Nashville Metro Council member may say to him and his spouse after his sins were publically exposed, I recalled some guidelines given in a sermon by Pastor Eddie Cupples that would benefit both married couples and single people. Here they are. Five "Guardrails" Married Couples Should Establish: 1) Don't travel alone with members of the opposite sex 2) Don't eat alone with members of the opposite sex 3) Don't hire "cute" members of the opposite sex because you want to help them 4) Don't confide in or counsel members of the opposite sex 5) When you feel your heart or your desire drifting toward someone who is not your spouse, confide in a Christian friend or pastor Pastor Cupples explained that it's also important to know where your spouse wants you to set guardrails for your life. "When my wife advices me I need to avoid certain people in my life, I listen closely to what she is saying. Her instincts in this area are always on target." "Guardrails" for Single's: 1) Apply the Married guardrails in your relationships with other married people 2) No [...]

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Not Just Another Political Sex Scandal

Last week a Nashville, TN Metro Councilman was arrested in an undercover prostitution sting at a Nashville area hotel. Brady Banks, who is serving his first term in his elected position also held a state government job in addition to his public service duties. He announced earlier this week he has resigned from his full-time duties working for the state. Unfortunately, Banks arrest unleashed a fury of media attention unlike anything he has experienced thus far in his short political career. His situation is not the first time an elected official or someone who holds a position of high moral authority – such as a pastor – has found themselves encumbered by sexual sin. History tells us it probably won’t be the last. Banks, who has a Master of Divinity degree and whose wife is an associate minister at an area church, has to face the reality of a series of poor choices that will impact his life for the near term. But what I hope Banks and his wife understand is that it doesn’t have to permanently alter the course of their marriage or their future. No two situations are exactly the same. But after having to endure a [...]

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Rick Santorum, Jeremy Lin, Attribute Success to Faith in Christ

It’s often said American’s love an underdog in sports and politics. If that’s the case, then there is good reason former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and NBA newcomer Jeremy Lin are riding high. What is ago getting attention is they are crediting God for their success. “I’ve survived the challenges so far by the daily grace that comes from God,” Santorum said shortly after the Iowa caucuses. “For giving me His grace every day, for loving me, warts and all, I offer public thanks to God.” Since then, Santorum has had much to be thankful for. After being discounted shortly after the South Carolina primary in late January, Santorum has steadily risen to the top of state and national polls in the GOP quest for the White House. Lin’s success has taken a similar path. After a standout career at Harvard, few if any thought he would have an impact in professional basketball. Initially signed as a free agent, he was cut by a couple of clubs before being picked up by the New York Knicks. Then, after shooting a winning three-pointer last week to win the game, Lin commented, “I just thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for [...]

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