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Tribute to Chuck Colson: Founder of Prison Fellowship Dies at 80

Hardily anyone who follows national evangelicals doesn't know the story of Chuck Colson. He was a lawyer who joined the administration of former President Richard Nixon in 1969. He quickly gained a reputation has the president's "hatchet" man. Colson resigned from the Nixon administration in 1973 and was indicted a year later on charges related to the Watergate break in. He served seven months in a federal prison, but before his sentence he gave his life to Jesus after reading C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. But Colson's most significant contributions came after his release when he founded Prison Fellowship, a ministry devoted to bringing the word of Christ to tens of thousands of inmates. Colson died today from complications from a blood clot in his brain. His wife and family had been with him the last several days. Will Nance, who along with his wife Penny worked for Colson in the 1990's wrote a magnificent tribute to his former boss and friend in Saturday's edition of The Christian Post. It's a worthy read and here is the link. A 1973 editorial in the Boston Globe had the follow quote: "If Mr. Colson can repent of his sins, there has to be [...]

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